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knappBill Knapp

dial_smallBill is currently on sabbatical and will be submitting new art to the gallery at a later date. 

Bill Knapp is an accomplished Metal Sculptor.  Being born and raised in Towson Maryland, it only made sense that he went on to seek his art education at Towson University.


dogred_smallBill works with steel found objects that come from antique shops, internet stores and dumpster dives. In fact, friends often leave things at his studio door that they know he’ll recycle.


windgun_smallWhen you see Bill’s work, you’re seeing original design, refined technique and a delightful dose of whimsy!  His sculptures at first glance may look like a dog or a person but they also function as lamps, fountains, tables and more!



Having sold several hundred pieces, Bill’s work is in many private art collections and he has participated in gallery, furniture and craft shows across the country.


Bill, his wife Nancy and their son Graham, live in Oella, right around the corner from his studio in Historic Ellicott City.