Welcome to HorseSpirit Arts Gallery’s

Dear Friends,

Whether it’s the iridescent glaze on a well-formed pot, the glint of glass in a mosaic, or the sun setting over a hazy field, each artist in Let it Shine transfers a bit of their creativity, their inner glow, and themselves to their work shared with us in this show.

Nancy McIntosh works in Raku, a mesmerizing process of flame firing she learned when she first fell in love with clay as a medium. She creates the form and the glazes but never knows the exact outcome until the piece survives the fire.

Lee Foran fell in love with mosaics while working as a decorator. Soon her clients, recognizing her talent, began asking her to incorporate her mosaics into their homes! Finally, Lee turned the tables and gave herself, full time, to the art of 3D mosaic.

Lisa Mitchell creates representational paintings, paying homage to the beautiful effect of light on the environment. She encourages viewers to slow down and spend time imagining themselves in such a place or perhaps becoming reacquainted with a familiar setting.

The show runs through October 9. Enjoy our show… and Shine On!

Abundant kindness, Robin Holliday