Celebrate Spring

Artist: Linda Trope

Medium: Ink Illustration/Pointillism

Dimensions: 15″h x 23″w Framed, Matted, Glass


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Linda Trope - "Perseverance in this work is about the process of creating the work.  I wanted the figures to emerge from a tall pine tree as tree sprites, but I couldn’t achieve the effect that I was looking for. I really liked the figures, themselves, so I persevered, trying to “fix” the drawing, finally putting it away for a while.  A few months later, I took the drawing out again with a new idea in mind, cutting the figures away from the tree drawing and replacing them into a much less busy background that had a lighter “feel” that celebrated Spring and renewal."

The human figure as expressed in modern dance has always informed my art. Setting exaggerated poses of dance figures into fanciful landscapes or complex geometric repeat backgrounds, I achieve a painterly effect using a pointillist technique (stippling) employing archival translucent ink brush markers and small nib pens and overlaying three or more colors, working from lighter to darker colors to create increasingly intense levels of depth and color.

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