Fishing Day

Artist: April M. Rimpo

Medium: Acrylic

Dimensions: 31″h X 25″w Matted, Framed


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I grew up with a father who loved to fish. He didn't get to do it terribly often, but when he did, he was the happiest I ever saw him. He either went out on a boat he owned with one of my uncles or went to a quiet spot without the chaos shown here on this fishing pier. My mother's father was also a huge fisherman. He loved to fish on the Jersey shore, just standing on the shore in his waders. I heard so many times about his love of fishing and saw so many pictures of him that I feel like I saw him out there, but I don't think I ever actually saw my grandfather at the shore. It's interesting how family stories become real images to us. Although my family didn't fish off fishing piers, I find the interaction and camaraderie on this pier mesmerizing, where fishing seems almost a team sport.

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