Lapis Lazuli Sea Turtle – Necklace

Artist: Carlos Zepeda

Medium: Jewelry

Dimensions: Chain length 20″ 
Pendant 2″h x 1.5″w


In stock

Carlos Zepeda:  "I am so proud to introduce my new Turtle collection.  My work has always been inspired by nature and the creatures of the sea.  I spent 8 years as a Snorkel Guide on the beautiful reef of Belize and grew up in a small village in the inland of Belize.  I have marveled at Loggerheads and Green Sea Turtles throughout my life.  Their journey begins from the time they hatch as they follow the moon towards the sea, sometimes under adverse conditions.  There anatomy and physical abilities are astonishing.  They can hold their breath under water for five hours and travel through the sea with endurance and grace.  They are protected by their strong shell.  These creatures represent resilience and can be symbols of our moving forward out of times of crisis much like the one we are in now.   Lapis is a celestial blue stone which throughout history has been a universal symbol of spirit, vision and strength. I hope you enjoy these beautiful turtles.  Peace, Love, Art."

Necklace - Lapis Lazuli, Freshwater Pearl, Sterling Silver

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