The Love-Birds Boat

Artist: April M. Rimpo

Medium: Watercolor

Dimensions: 26″h X 38″w Framed


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I love watching birds flock to fishing boats when they come in to port. I'm sure the pelicans' goal was a late afternoon snack, but from what I can tell the fisherman didn't cooperate. As soon as he pulled in and tied up the boat, two pelicans perched on the side. Their heads formed the shape of a heart and I couldn't help but think they had love on their minds. Capturing the glow of the boat in the late afternoon sun emphasized by the cool lavender shaded-side led me to create this painting in an orange, violet, and green palette. Pushing the colors of the Brown Pelicans to orange-brown helped them stand out against the multi-colored water, creating a romantic mood.

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