Ocean Dreams Tri-Bangle – Bracelet

Artist: Cecelia Battle

Medium: Jewelry

Dimensions:  Bangle ~ 2.5″ across, Ocean Jasper 1.5”h x 1″w


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Cecelia Battle - "I began creating this piece in February. I set it aside for a time, while dealing with ongoing pain from a bilateral mastectomy 3 years ago. I am now healing from a 5th major surgery done in May, & just getting back to creating.  Perseverance to me, means not giving up, even when I feel like hiding under the covers. It means getting out of bed, being present for my loved ones, finding ways to stay positive & count my blessings & gratitude. It means recognizing strengths, even when feeling weak. It means giving, loving, being kind, searching for joy, creating, & finding hope when feeling hopeless.  I hope this piece brings you joy & makes you feel strong.  And may you persevere in life, throughout the good & the bad.  May you always find hope, joy & love."  With peace & kindness, Cecelia

Bangle Bracelet - Hand Forged Sterling Silver Kinetic Tri-Bangle, with handmade sterling silver jingling components that dance around with joy. Adorned with beautifully colored Ocean Jasper Set in Sterling Silver Bezel.

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