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Dear Friends,

Alison Leigh Menke, Molly Sims, and George French – three distinctly different artists – come together sharing how their common love of nature comes through in their art.

Alison Leigh Menke is an expressive impressionist. She loves painting directly from life and creating work in plein air. Her approach emphasizes the importance of expressing a true sense of light and place while showcasing the rich qualities of oil paint and brushwork. Painting thick and thinking abstract design, she uses composition, texture, and vibrant color to move a viewer around her painting.

Oil painter Molly Sims style is classical realism, and her favorite subjects are animals and birds. She is inspired by wildlife and the natural world. Through her life-like paintings, Molly seeks to connect her viewers with the animal’s spirit, showing the beauty and innocence that she sees. Molly says, “I have always loved animals and want to be a voice for wildlife, which has no voice.”

George French – “Trees are a natural wonder. My art results from attempting to showcase the natural beauty in each piece of wood I turn.” George listens to the wood, especially when during the turning process something “wild” is revealed! He doesn’t fight it, instead, he considers how to best work with the discovery, either in his original design, or by creating a new one.

Enjoy the show!

Abundant kindness, Robin Holliday