About HorseSpirit Arts Gallery

HorseSpirit Arts Gallery
Historic Savage Mill, Savage, MD

Robin Holliday, Owner and Curator

Our Story & Resilience

HorseSpirit Arts Gallery opened as a small, one-room Gallery where Robin exhibited her artwork and that of a few other local Artists. In 2015, she moved HorseSpirit Arts Gallery to Main Street in Old Ellicott City, MD. On Main Street, the Gallery grew to represent over 40 local Artists. Unfortunately, after suffering significant losses in two devastating flash floods in 2016 and 2018, Robin made the decision to leave Old Ellicott City. In November 2018, she reopened HorseSpirit Arts Gallery at Historic Savage Mill, in Savage, MD where she now represents over 45 local Artists.

Welcome to HorseSpirit Arts Gallery, founded in 2013 to fulfill the lifelong dream of owner and curator Robin Holliday.

“I wanted the Gallery to be a place of refuge, a sanctuary from the outside world. I hope that people find art that speaks to them…means something to them…and then take it home to their sanctuary.”

Robin designed HorseSpirit Arts Gallery to reflect her beliefs and provide guests with a place to remember the goodness and beauty of life. The Gallery’s sales focus on uplifting art created by local Artists who are talented and kind souls.


Our Values

  • We at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery honor every soul’s humanity and dignity. We promote diversity, equality, and inclusion for all guests, Artists, and employees. We have a special place in our hearts for embracing and promoting the LGBTQ+ community.
  • We believe art reminds us of the goodness of life; inspires us to achieve new and amazing things; is experienced, not just viewed; and can help heal a broken spirit.
  • We value our Gallery Artists’ exceptional talent and kind, generous hearts.

Our Team

Our dedicated team warmly welcomes customers and creates an environment for them to explore the Gallery’s wide variety of art (mediums, styles, perspectives, price ranges, etc.).

Our Team includes:

  • Robin Holliday – Owner and Gallery Curator
  • Max Crownover – Chief Information Officer and Chief Financial Officer
  • Dona Grant – Gallery Manager and Social Media Coordinator
  • Mary-Anne Mulcahy – Website/Social Media Assistant
  • Karen J. Brand – Webmaster/Inventory Manager
  • Linda Schisler – Graphic Designer
  • Susan Mason – Gallery Volunteer
  • Laura Violand – Gallery Volunteer

Our Awards and Recognition

  • 2021, 2020, 2019, 2016 – Baltimore Sun’s “Best of Howard County” for Best Art Gallery
  • 2018 – Howard County Arts Council “HOWIE” Award for “Outstanding Business Supporter of the Arts.”