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Jennifer Hudson


Paper Cut / Painter

Jennifer Hudson, a Maryland-based cut paper artist and acrylic ink painter, actually began her career as a watercolor painter. Her paintings reflected realistic nature scenes and surreal fantasy-based illustrations. Jennifer’s love of the natural world is evident in the use of flora and animals in her work.

Jennifer graduated from the Baltimore School for the Arts in 2014 with a concentration in painting. She continued to paint after graduation but soon became intrigued by the world of contemporary paper art. Jennifer wished to explore a medium that allowed her to work in a more sculptural, textile-based way.

Jennifer began her paper cutting journey in 2016. She uses various sized X-acto knives to hand cut delicate works that display movement, texture, and dimension. She combines several layers of cut paper to attain highly detailed three-dimensional works. Because of her love of nature, ongoing motifs in her art include foxes, ravens, dragons, and delicate lace-like structures.

Jennifer has been a Gallery Artist at HorseSpirit Arts Gallery since 2017. She became a member of the Guild of American Paper Cutters in 2020.

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